College Essentials

Most parents don't realize once their child turns 18 they no longer have any legal control over the child's finances, medical decisions or access to medical information.  If your child is about to head off to college Read more

Cohabiting & COVID

More and more committed couples are sharing their lives together, but not formalizing their commitment with a legal civil marriage. Even before COVID disrupted all of our lives there were special estate planning concerns for committed cohabiting couples, now those concerns are front and center as more and more are faced with hospitalization, incapacity, and even death. So, what do you need to know if you are a committed, unmarried couple?  Read more

What is Probate?

While the term probate refers to various proceedings related to the administration of a decedent’s estate, typically the term is used to describe the court process by which a Will is reviewed to determine if the Will is valid and authentic.  Unlike many other states, in Texas, the “probate process” is relatively simple, quick, and cost effective when you have a valid Will in place.  So, what does it entail? Read more

The 4-1-1 – Administering your First Trust

You just found out you’ve been named trustee of your nephew’s trust -- now what?  Do you need to hire an attorney to assist you in determining what your obligations are as trustee?  Should other professionals be involved?  How do you comply with your duties and obligations?  Can you be held liable for making a mistake?  Do you have to accept the position?  Will you get paid?  What about reimbursement for expenses?  Will accepting this appointment strain your relationship with your nephew?   Read more