Common Law Marriage in Probate

Your partner just died.  You and your partner lived together for twenty years.  Are you the surviving spouse?  Does it matter?  If he died with a Will, it may or may not matter.  If he died without a Will, answering this question will be key to determining if you have any interest in his estate. Read more

What Happens If I Die Without a Will?

Dying without a Will is referred to as dying "intestate."  That means, if you die without a Will, the State of Texas has determined who will receive your assets at your death - otherwise known as your "heirs at law." Read more

What is Probate?

While the term probate refers to various proceedings related to the administration of a decedent’s estate, typically the term is used to describe the court process by which a Will is reviewed to determine if the Will is valid and authentic.  Unlike many other states, in Texas, the “probate process” is relatively simple, quick, and cost effective when you have a valid Will in place.  So, what does it entail? Read more